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After the death of my husband of nearly 40 years, I met briefly with a grief counselor from hospice but sensed the need for a different approach to recovery.  In my search, I came across the Grief Recovery Method (GRM); a time limited, action oriented, one-on-one program with a certified counselor.


A local counselor, Whitney Hall, came to my home to explain the GRM process and I had the opportunity to briefly describe my recent loss.  Whitney is a warm, welcoming, compassionate professional.   Our weekly visits focused on the information and tools of the GRM.  Whitney is a gifted, active listener who offered insight and alternative perspectives, while maintaining the truth of my experiences, values and faith.  I was open and honest and felt truly heard, understood, validated and affirmed.   It was a guided journey on a path back to a hopeful reality.  She witnessed my grief; all of it.  An invaluable experience. - Rachel

"I went through the GRM process in a group led by Whitney and by the conclusion experienced the completion of a grief event that I had over 25 years ago. I was able to receive support from  the other members of the group and give support to them. The assignments were clear and brought me along in sensible steps to a conclusion I didn't expect - completing the grief process. As a result I have been able to move ahead without being tethered to an event from a quarter of a century in my past. "   R.

Grief is so complex - much more than just feeling sad because of a loss. The Grief Recovery class provided a means to process all the overwhelming feelings and to navigate through this transition in my life. - D.

I was not exactly sure what to expect when I started taking this course.  But, with hesitation, I dove in and did everything that was required.  The interesting thing was not only did the course help me to come to a conclusion about something that I was having difficulty with, but I also got to know myself much better. 

Whitney did a wonderful job in guiding this class, and helping me to understand and conclude a problem that I had carried for over 15 years.  Whitney is so full of compassion and empathy.  I feel like my heartache became hers and together we came to understand my grief and bring it  to a conclusion.  I highly recommend this group to everyone. - S.

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