Whitney has 20+ years of pastoral care ministry.  In addition to being an ordained Minister, she is also a Certified Grief counselor and Grief Recovery Specialist, a Master Trainer with the Serious Illness Conversation, and Hospice Chaplain.

As an ordained minister, hospice chaplain and grief counselor she has been providing grief care for more than 20 years.  She has accompanied many people on their journeys of grief expression and processing until arrival at a new level of grief completion.  Whitney has gone through her own grief processing journeys and has been profoundly shaped by those experiences.  She believes that both practical work and emotional and vulnerable conversation make the completion of

a grief experience possible.  

The Grieving Journey is here  to help you with your grief experience. Please sign up to join us for one on one session or group event.  

Certified Grief Recovery Specialist
Serious Illness Conversation Guide Master Trainer

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