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I have been providing one to one care in a variety of settings for over 20 years.   In addition to being an ordained minister I am also a certified grief counselor and Grief Recovery Specialist, a Master Trainer with the Serious Illness Conversation, and Hospice Chaplain and bereavement counselor.

  I have accompanied many people on their journeys of grief expression and processing until arrival at a new level of grief completion. I have also gone through my own grief processing journeys , including serious illness and loss, and I have been profoundly shaped by those experiences.  I believe that both practical work and emotional and vulnerable conversation make the completion of a grief experience possible.  

The Grieving Journey is here  to help you with your grief experience. Please sign up to join me for a one on one session or group event.  

Certified Grief Recovery Specialist
Serious Illness Conversation Guide Master Trainer
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