Addressing Grief in all of its Forms

The Grieving Journey



Grief is our normal emotional reaction to loss. 

Loss comes in lots of forms and sometimes loss stacks upon loss and creates complicated grief.    Instead of  misunderstanding or avoiding our grief we can find ways of processing and completing our grief together.




Group conversations are available for you to join others in a mutually supportive environment that moves you along your grieving journey.  Groups are currently online and meet for 6 sessions.




When we are grieving, no matter the loss, it's important to spend time in conversation with someone who can listen without judgment.  I will provide guided conversation and affirmation while offering practical ways to move forward. Our process together takes place  over 5-7 sessions. 



The Grieving Journey provides practical and educational events on how grief affects all of us.  These can be done in your organizational setting.

  The Grieving Journey will also design an event of honoring grief or change for your organization or       non-profit.  These events enable conversation,    decision making and grief processing together.



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